This week a new celebration in our school is starting. First of all,

our students in 2nd and 3rd cycle are making a lot of projects to

decorate the hall and the corridors. Their families can help them

at home and we are going to see how our school is changing every day.

Then, next week, we are going to play lots of games by levels: on

Monday, before the break, it’s 5th course time and after the break it’s

the turn for 6th course. As they are the oldest in the school they can

dress a custome about Halloween characters; on Tuesday it’s time for

 the 1st cycle (before the break, the 3rd course students and after the

break, the 4th one). On Wednesday we all have a break and the next day,

on Thursday, it’s time for our youngest students: EI 4 years are going

 to play games before the break and EI 5 years after that. And last day,

 on Friday, we finish Halloween time with the 2nd cycle (3rd course

 before the break and 4th course after the break).

We are trying to do our best to make you enjoy and have



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